Friday, March 16, 2012

Mauritius - day 3 - Kids' club and snorkelling

We again woke up at 8:30am, got dressed and went straight to breakfast by the pool. On our way over we checked the kids' club schedule - it was pirates day and they had games by the beach in the morning, and face painting and then dressing up in the afternoon. Ana sounded quite keen to play with the other kids in the beach! :) 
Once seated at our table, we ordered our pots of tea (for Stephen) and coffee (for me), and some milk for Liam's bottle, and then Ana and I went "hunting" for some goods to eat. We brought with us also some food for Liam and then Stephen went out to choose some food for himself. It was ever so thoughtful of Stephen to have already prepared me my coffee, I thought while I gratefully took a nice big sip... of sweetened tea!!! Bleurgh!!! I should have known better - duh. I found my coffee pot on the other side and an empty mug and served myself, and then finally the world started to go back into place. Given Ana's worried look, I must have looked a picture after that swig of tea!! HA HA :D

Fish from the beach - not the snorkeling spot!
After breakfast, we quickly got ready and took the kids to the kids' clubhouse. They were given a bag each to put their things in, and we joined them for a while at the beach. The games were all organized in French, but their carers also speak English and after a little while they started to enjoy themselves. Once they were settled, Stephen and I left them there and went to arrange some stuff for ourselves - he booked himself a tennis lesson for 18:30 and we then went to the beach. Since it's Thursday, I thought it would be funny to send an email to my SALT colleagues to be discussed at today's meeting, but in the end we couldn't think of a funny one as it was too early for cocktails and they don't seem to put umbrellas on them anyway, so we gave up and enjoyed the beach instead. Stephen also booked a snorkeling trip on the boat for the afternoon, which we thought the kids would love.  At 12:15 we were joined at the pool by our little ones and after some more games in the water, we went back to our room to grab a snack and get ready for the boat. When we got to the snorkeling spot, however, Ana freaked out. She sat on my lap and I patiently calmed her down while Stephen got on with some snorkeling. He came up once or twice asking for a swap, but Ana, although calmer, was not willing to let go of me so he continued on. Liam and I watched from the top as the skipper threw some bread over the side which attracted loads of fish - that was fun! Daddy reported that the snorkeling was awesome so we decided to try again tomorrow on our own, after dropping the kids off at the mini-club. :) 
Once we got back, we went straight to our room for a couple of hours of rest (and for me to catch up with some blog-writing!) and then we had a split - Ana and I went to the pool while Daddy and Liam went to the beach. Everybody had a nice afternoon messing around in the water (salty or not) until it was time for Daddy to get changed for his tennis lesson and for the rest of us to get ready for dinner! Ana had a small accident and slipped in the bathroom at shower-time - she got a bump on her knee, but I put some arnica gel on it and she was soon a happy banana again. You can't even see a bruise now. Dinner was a sort of thai affair with some fish on the stick the kids liked, and Daddy joined us a little later after his tennis and a shower. Ana devoured for dessert a chocolate mousse that tasted rather heavenly. Liam had chocolate cake, I had a small red berries tartlet and Daddy had some fruit cocktail. Afterwards we all went for a little walk along the front of the hotel and admired the amazingly dark skies (despite the hotel lights) and then it was time for bed. End of another day in paradise.

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