Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Arniston - November 2013

The Adventures Potter Romero blogger is back in action! 

We've just returned from a lovely weekend getaway in Arniston. The getaway was prompted by a weekend-long event next door at the River Club, which we feared might be too noisy! So we rented a lovely cottage in Arniston for the weekend, and on Friday we collected the children from school, had a quick lunch, packed the stuff, the food, the dog, the children and finally the adults into the car and we set off!
Our lovely cottage at Arniston
We arrived in Arniston at around 5pm, and of course first we had to inspect the cottage thoroughly...

... and then we went to check out the sand dunes! :)

Those two little figures are Ana and Liam!

... Laika and Mami had to follow in a hurry - Liam is nearly at the top!

And he's made it!

Sand dunes needed some decorating..
On Saturday morning, we went to check out the beach. But a surprise awaited us.. 

Um... :/
Luckily, there was no evidence anywhere of any beached whales OR sharks... Phew! So we proceeded to check out the beach and got very busy:


Collecting treasures...

Building stone towers...

.. until the wave came along... 


So we shall build it again... and again... ;)
The beach morning was awesome, but it left us all staaaarving! So after a lovely braai (bbq) back at our lovely cottage, we hit the sand dunes again. And this time, Ana had a genius idea: we brought with us... a toy truck! And this part of the story is better told in movies. Here's the first test...

What a success! Even Laika thought this was too much fun!

Let's do it again! But this time, let's find a steeper slope! :)

And then the loooong climb back up....
.. only to do it again!! But this time we'll film from the bottom!

Some of us also did some digging around....

Afterwards, exhausted and coated in sand, but happy, we went back to our little cottage where it was bath, pyjamas and special story time.. Pinocchio!

Daddy, why is Gepetto holding Figaro above the fish bowl?
The next day, after a lovely breakfast, we said goodbye to our little cottage and went to check out.. the southern-most point of Africa - Cape Agulhas!

The Potter-Romero family at Cape Agulhas!

.... where even toilets can have surprising dangers!
And to end the weekend on an even happier note, when we finally got home to Observatory in the afternoon, we could hear no music at all from the River Club. What a lovely surprise! :)

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